Farming simulator 2019 mods
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This is a new feller buncher that I put together in 2 days and it still could be better but I wanted to get it in the works I will do a better one some time but this is something to play around with for now. the head Is from FDR’s feller buncher I re-did it a little and made it bigger.
I had 7 small trees in the head at one time before they shot out. you have the controls of the head no more push cut and it holds the log for you.
you push cut and you have to hold the log and open the arms up to let it go no more shutting it off you drop the log.!!


  • Named
    2015-05-31 15:15
    My first thought was that looks like a crappy Rambow mod....and it is...
  •  named 2
    2015-05-31 15:56
    I never downloaded it due to the uploaded.eu.Let modhub host it
  • Warondar
    2015-06-01 06:30
    Great start. This is the type of feller-buncher head we use most often in the British Columbia interior for logging pine and spruce.Having the accumulator arms saves quite a bit of time, and it makes a nice log pile for the grapple skidders.Thanks for the mod and looking forward to any updates.
  • Rambow145
    2015-06-05 03:35
    @ WARONDAR Thank you so much. And a updated one will be out in a day. A video is out tho
  • Russell bannister
    2015-07-02 03:21
    It'll cut down the tree just fine, but I cannot get it to grab onto the tree, or even be able to hold multiple fir trees. Am I doing something wrong with the machine, or is it a glitch in the mod?
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