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Better balehandling v1.0
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Better balehandling v1.0

Greetings by google Translator. There`s a german version of the manual- and description-video too. Sorry for that, but my english is not as well...

This mod belongs to the Founded by Upsidedown category "mods that you really should need garnicht!"
Giants tried with his so-called Dynamic Mount utility to improve the loading of bales. Have you managed is unfortunately the opposite. The bales fixate on your mood, hanging on the front of the fork, stay on the fork if you want to settle it on the trailer, etc., etc ...
I created this mod, because it was not (at least for me) can load with the original equipment pads. Mainly in the square bales each time it was a sweaty affair, and a reason to buy automatic bale wagon.
The DynamicMountFix changes the function of Giants fundamentally and automatically builds everywhere, where it is used.
Everything now following I have also summarized in a little unprofessional video. It is strongly recommended that you watch this video, because the operation is not difficult, but not self-explanatory by far! You can find the video here on Modhoster under "Videos" or under this link.

Only one key is required for operation, these can be found in the options under "DynamicMountFix". These are busy most sense to the "fire" button on the device. So forward, usually 1 key.
Not touching her this key, nothing is fixed. For picking up bales / pallets / etc ride her as usual purely in the bale and press and release the button. The bales / The pallet is now firmly fixed on the fork. Pressing the button again you, the connection is released again.
Dolly fix the bales / pallets now even while charging. However, only at the moment by her LET GO button. Means for setting down bales / pallets on a car you have it on the car park (like a few centimeters of air blank), then the HOLD button. The bales / pallets are no longer connected to the fork and fall onto the trailer. As long as the button is pressed, you can still manage to push it now. Only when you release the button, all bales on the trailer at this Attached.
Much more accurate and clearer the whole but in the will video instruction described.

This mod is only conditionally multiplayer compatible. Means that the host as usual can work with it on the client side of this script is disabled.
Otherwise, there are no compatibility issues known. BaleExtension and Co. do not alter the function of the Mods.

Rights and obligations
As always, it is not desired here that another link is used as the offered here. This has nothing to do with greed nor other societal problems. However, I would note that scripts that deal with the script vegetables of Giants, are usually much more complicated than rewritten.
Because I have sacrificed for this script a few hours of my quite precious time, I think it's by far not outrageously so incidentally to earn some pocket money for education.
Have fun ball store, and you look at me (if still not done so) the repeatedly mentioned video. The written here is only half the story ;)
Greeting, Patar.


  • Dallas francis
    2016-02-26 20:36
    I have this mod and it works great! I recommend it!
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