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Better graphics v1.0
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Better graphics v1.0


I am offering my graphics mod here that makes the game look again, because Giants decided to uglify it´s wonderful Engine with bad shaders (in my opinion). The game is too pale and blue, this is being fixed by this modification. The colors radiate now and are significantly sharper.

the Mod is based on SweetFx with Reshade and is completed by some Scripts I have writen as well as specially tuned shaders I made
blur and sharpen pixels
adjusted saturation and contrast
slight sepia touch for the right Summer-Harvest-Feeling ;)

dowload the file for your version (with or without steam) unzip it and easily run the .exe (I wanted to reduce your work!)
if you have problems (for example parts of the image do not move or black screen) please download, unzip and run change_shader.exe

Just press the scroll lock button ingame to enable or disable and you are good to go!

I am always happy if I hear positiv feedback and if you have any questions I will be at
your disposal!

The distribution of this mod is allowed and encouraged, if you use the original
download links. In case you violate these rules, for example by uploading on another
link without my permission there will be legal consequences !!!

FS 15 GRAPIC 2.0 by GermanWarrior using SweetFX 2.0 beta by CeeJay.dk and Reshade

  • Helpful commenter
    2016-07-15 09:36
    How do you unistall this mod if needed?
  • Volvo driver
    2016-07-15 16:36
    How you can unistall it i cant load my savegames
  • Never exe
    2016-07-15 19:10
    NEVER install an EXE, don't care who you are. give us the mod fine, but to do this is not cool
  • Mr.grimm
    2016-07-16 13:56
    Easy way for better graphics get a dam good video card that can run the game on max settings problem solved. Not knocking what you have done but like said above giving this to the community in an exe is a bad idea. If the 1st 2 had half a brain they would have known this only things that should be installed to your comp for an exe is an official download from Giants or any other known software provider.
  • Mr.grimm
    2016-07-16 13:58
    Oh most likely easy fix to using this exe is might be just reinstalling your game. you will not loose your save games or mods.
  • Dont download
    2016-07-17 05:43
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