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Better indoor camera v1.0
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Better indoor camera v1.0

This Mod adds itself to every vehicle. No need to add it manually. Just put the downloaded Zip file in your Modfolder and have fun!
The betterIndoorCamera is a improved version of the script called "realisticIndoorCamera" in fs13, but it also has some new features. The goal with this mod is to improve the feeling of the inside camera, so you feel acceleration, uneven ground and stuff like that.

For further description and visual explanation how it works just take a look at the video in the "videos" tab.

How it works:
The mod has two main parts/modes. Every mode can be toggled on/off separately in each mod. Both modes can be used together..
mode 1: "shake" mode
- this modes "simulates" the "inertia of mass" of the drivers body. The camera doesn't adjust to terrain angle/slopes but it makes you feel acceleration, braking, uneven ground und stuff like that. .
mode 2: roll/pitch mode
- this mode adjusts the camera so that it is perfectly vertical no matter at what angle/slope the vehicle is driving. That gives a true feeling on how steep hills are in fs for example. Its the same as "realisticIndoorCamera" in fs13 was.

Both modes can be toggled on and off seperately in each vehicle ingame. The settings of the modes will be saved in the savegame.

For steering wheel users interesting feature:
The betterIndoorCamera has a additional feature, altough the input bindings arent active by default. The InputBindings are the following two.
You can add buttons to those InputBindings in your controls settings..
If you press a button (TL stands for turn left, TR for turn right) exactly that is what happens. If you press the button the camera moves 40° to the left or right. If you hold the button for more than 1.5 seconds the camera moves 120° (looking out the back window) in either direction. As soon as so let go of the button the camera returns for 0° view out the front window.

If you want to share this Mod on your mod-download page please use the original download link and also if possible use the original description or at least type one yourself that contains enough information so people know what the mod is about.
If you want to edid and reupload the edited mod please consider asking me for permission first, although i'm generally not against that its just nicer that way ;)

If you have problems with this mod or any questions leave them below in the comments or pm. Also if you have ideas on how to improve it or something like that feel free to let me know!

Have fun with the Mod!
greetings, modelleicher

Credits: by modelleicher Hilfe beim testen: don_apple

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