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Better steering with the keyboard v1.7.1
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Better steering with the keyboard v1.7.1

Although I have a steering wheel, but almost always play with the keyboard. On winding roads, I am again and again landed in the ditch in front of nights or power poles.
Now I have invented this script. It varies depending on the speed, the steering speed, the return speed (autoRotateBackSpeed) and the maximum steering angle. It also turns the camera to match the Lenkeinschlag.Beide functions can also be off again, with the following keys:

ksmCAMERA [Shift Left + C]: Moving Camera on / off, default is on
ksmENABLE [Shift Left + E]: Adaptive steering on / off, default is on
ksmREVERSE [Shift Left + R]: Look backwards on / off, default is on
ksmPLUS [Ctrl + E Links]: increase sensitivity
ksmMINUS [Ctrl + C Links]: lower sensitivity
ksmUP, ksmDOWN, ksmLEFT, ksmRIGHT [Shift Right + Cursor]: look forward, backwards, left right

I can not test MP at the moment. It would be great if someone could try.
The mod can be offered using the original download links on other sites to download. The re-upload to other file-hosting is prohibited. A short note to me would be nice too.

Mogli aka biedens

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    2014-11-12 21:48
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    Thanks, with the added options to disable the camera movement this is really interesting and helpful. Works great in single player, i do not play MP too often.
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