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Biedrzychowice micro map v1
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Biedrzychowice micro map v1

Another map for FS 15 by me :) There is a map on the Polish micro machine because I see that those are missing :) maps will be several versions and so I widened its area add new farm etc :)

On the map you will find:
* Fully functional farm
* Several different crops sown fields
* Storage of manure on the golf
* Cows and everything associated with them
* Polish climate
* Opening doors and gates on the O key
* Mod lime
* Mod manure and slurry
More sprawdzicie yourselves ... :)

Respect my work and will soon be new versions of the map!
Prohibition edition!
The prohibition of changing line and impersonating the author!

Author: kubu$123

  • Warondar
    2015-06-04 21:06
    Some problem with the map since it couldn't be found when launching the new map. With no other mods to mess things up I couldn't figure out the reason why it doesn't show up. Hoping for an update/fix.
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