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BigFarm v1.2
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BigFarm v1.2

Here i present my new map BigFarm. I build this map without google or photos.
I build the map for pure courseplay, so who is a fan of course play this map is pure build for this :)
So its good for multiplayer. On the pictures you can see where are the triggers are.
So you can find a picture of the map.
Why did i not have any trees planted around the fields? This is: because i wanted to have clear surroundings for Course Play.
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What can you find in the map,
- On the start point of the farm where you start you can find machine halls and storage for potatos, sugarbeets and wood chips.
So you can find Seeds and Fertilizer. You can feed the chickens with Grain and Water.
- On the other side of the farm you can find storage for Barley, Wheat, canola and corn. And you can find a Mixing Machine and storage for
Grass, silage, Stro Manure, mixing feed and chaff. There are 4 Chaff silos on the farm.
- You can Find multiple anmimal, Cows, Sheeps, Chickens, calfs and Pig's.
- You can collect and sell the milk by yoursels.
- Biogass.
- MilkFactory.
- Vehicle Shop.
- Sawmill for selling wood chips and logs.
- Slaughterhouse.
- Storage for liquid manure pit.
- Forestry area.
- 10 buyable fields and you own field 11 and 3 grass fields.
Required mods,
AnimationMapTrigger, click here
GuelleMistKalkModPack_LS15, click here
ChoppedStraw V 15.0.03; click here
Zunhammer water and milk tank. click here
JoskinBetimaxRDS 7500 v3.1, click here
MapDoorTrigger: click here
I want to say Thanks to all modders, i used objects from and i use from buildings.
I hope i did not forget anybody otherwise i still want to say Thanks: because i'd appriate the work.
The map Shall not, without the consent of the modders to find are not changed at Ls-Next Generation and not re-uploaded!
The map can be release on other sites, but please only download using the original - Links!
The card may not be found without the consent of the Modder not changed for Ls-Next Generation and not re-uploaded!
The card can solve on other sites, but please only with the original download - Links!

Map by: Mike
Giants Software
Modular Storage: chtiseb
Hallen Pack LS15: and Release Shed Pack LS15: Dutch Agricultural Modelling
Gülle Lager Gülle Transporter V 1.0: Andy1978
Giants: Grundmodel des Gülle Transporter "Kotte Garant TSA"
Schweine Mast v 3.2.7: Marhu
WaterMod v3.1.5: Marhu
Überdachtes Fahrsilo V 1.0: Max311
Silo Förderband: Marhu
ChoppedStraw V 15.0.03: webalizer
GMK Mod lappyBauer
GuelleMistKalkModPack_LS15 TMT (Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan)
Foliage Layer: El Cid
Forgotten Plants Wheat, Barley, Potatoes, Rape: Eribus
FarmSilos_Modell1: RC-Devil
vehicleShop and claas fence: BulletBill83
Richard en fender551

  • Daniel
    2015-02-16 23:35
    Hey thomas i have problems whit the downloads i can only modhub downloaden
  • Iowa farmer
    2015-02-17 03:51
    Gate won't open and your click here don't work for the mods needed. looks like a great map but need the gate to open.
  • Xargin
    2015-02-17 16:11
    Great map, a lot of fun but (as many maps) sometime is crashing game when reaching the edge of map.
  • Lopes
    2015-02-17 17:17
    Gate won't open and your click here don't work for the mods needed. looks like a great map but need the gate to open.
  • Daniel
    2015-02-17 18:44
    everting its not good from the map the first map is bether than the second its not the seem on te pictures in the downloaded map and the chickens walking on the erf you can put them in the chicken schuur the first is the best
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