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BigFarm15 v1.0
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BigFarm15 v1.0

Large fields and 9 fruits to cultivate it, live by a farmer, you have no time to brake

Pigs Cattle Chicken Bga you have a lot of work to do
more to come, have fun
The conversion is not complete, but to play no problem and the log is not clean (pure), but in the following version I try to fix

Recommended mod for animal transport

Joa Giants Tiago Piloneto

  • Tallguy
    2015-07-13 12:46
    good map. revision of Kernstandt. Cant cut grass tho.
  • Tallguy
    2015-07-13 12:49
    If you update this map please add compost factory, compost sell point, more trees for lumber, and maybe some solid ground around the main farm for placeable mods.
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-07-13 23:34
    Looks good to run, But first things I see are the following. 1. Missing "L10 entries" in moddesc file % of them. 2. Pda map is a way off, I am in the middle of a field when I am in The complex (farm) 3. Fields are not numbered. Bob.
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-07-14 00:05
    Looking further in, The Start point is in the "dairy" (visual) but the marker for ME is in the Top Left Corner ( location 0 0 ). Teleportation map ( F11 ) marks me correct, Pda map does not. Also looked at the location, listed as ds-fabrik, this is the "Hagenstedt Mill. Are you sure that the 5 items I commented above, are even a part of this map, I commented on the same 5 items on another map a few days ago. Bob.
  • Tallguy
    2015-07-14 00:57
    I noticed that I can only cut grass if I plant it myself. And same as Bob, the pda is way off. I'm in the middlr field southwest of the main farm and the pda shows me off on the far left edge of the map.
  • Tallguy
    2015-07-14 14:10
    wool pallet collector not working. Pallets dont slide over when full. Cow manure not showing up in manure pile. no manure from beef or pigs. shame, this is a good looking map.
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