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BigFarm15 v3.0
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BigFarm15 v3.0

Large fields and 11 fruits to cultivate it, live by a farmer, you have no time to brake
Pigs Cattle Chicken Bga you have a lot of work to do
more to come, have fun
The conversion is not complete, but to play no problem and the log is not clean (pure), but in the Following Version I try to fix
Recommended mod for animal transport

Joa Giants Tiago Piloneto Luculus Marhu upsideDown and the others to the objects

  • Hans
    2015-08-05 21:38
    Hi.I can not start the game, have install file but the start button don show.Please help I do like bigfarm.Best Regards Hans.
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-08-06 01:42
    Hi Would you do us a favor and please put in a Version number in your Mod desc file, This would help us to know the updated map changes. Bob..
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-08-06 02:36
    For Hans....Try opening the farm in a test Directory, Map only, no mods. It is a slow load 3 to 4 min, also slow to shutdown.( slower than others), Also make sure the D/L was not a multiple file download, I just looked at D/L and it is 4 Files. Bob..
  • Hans
    2015-08-06 09:09
    Hi.I have try that but do not work.I wait for 10 min and nothing.Do want to play this Big farm.Thanks for you helpHans
  • Martin
    2015-08-06 15:14
    updated to v3.0 ... cant get it to load... locks on loading please wait screen...was working fine up yo todays update....
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-08-06 21:26
    Comment to "Joa" Map author, A possible error in your Map, The location "refinery", input there is "Rape" and "Sunflower", output is "Fuel" and " Diesel", as per the Signs on the outputs. These two outputs are giving the same Fruit type "Fuel". The I3D file, ID# 108758 is fuel, ID#108759 is "Rape" (usual conversion is Diesel) ID#109959 is "Fuel", and ID#109960 is "Sunflower". Should one of the entries "fuel" be "diesel"? Bob.
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-08-06 21:36
    For "Hans" and "martin" Try loading map (with no Mods ) Then look at the log file to see if it gives any problem entries. If you wish , you can send me a copy of log file by Email to [email protected]
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-08-07 10:13
    To "Joa" map author,,,please if possible, could you change the "Name Pullet" to the name that most other maps use for this Animal, and that would be "Chicken2", as all of the commonly used Transport Vehicles for animals use the Name "Chicken2 not the name "pullet".. Bob.
  • Bestfarmer
    2015-08-15 22:02
    great map. Can you add hops and canning?
  • Bestfarmer
    2015-08-21 15:52
    what do I use for milk?
  • Martin
    2015-12-06 21:16
    were is wood chips stored????
  • Martin
    2015-12-09 17:02
    start palying this now that it works, but I find oats sunflower have an error, it says l10n_en.xml missing .... what is it and were do I find it???
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