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Birkenfeld v1.0
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Birkenfeld v1.0

Hi this is my first map. At her I have tried a lot and learned. The end comes out a flawless map. She has 3 economic cycles agriculture, forestry and oil. All buildings and functions without errors. It is not built much decoration which the map should run beautifully well on old computers. If say but someone should find an error please bbescheid because only if I know that I do something wrong I can get out of it. constructive criticism is erwünst.

food storage
Sawmill (Marhu)
Oil economy (Castor)
Animated Doors
Available ads
and much more...

Ein besonderer Dank geht an Marhu für seine vielen Gebäude, Fabriken und Scripte. Es ist schon etwas länger als ich die map baute. Daher kann ich leider nicht mehr sagen wo ich welches Teil her habe. Wenn jemand in die Credits möchte einfach bescheid sagen.

  • Robert
    2016-05-27 13:43
    dirt is to soft the tractor will not plant at a sped and the combind dos the same thing I don't think you run a test on the farm you should plant a peace and try to plant when you get it fix run it for a bit and start it agin and see if you fix it every map I have dwon loid dos not work thanks robert
  • Me


    2016-05-27 21:05
    i cant open gate
  • Skytracer
    2016-05-27 22:58
    thanks , i play it all day and every things is ok in my iMac ...cool that's have not a lot of deco , we can complete it with a lot of placable and make personal place ...great thanks
  • Robert
    2016-05-28 04:38
    Wello mack is different then a pc and I have a gammer please try it on your pc a mack works different when you by land then it says you don't one it and hired worker stoped I am not well I wish you would get all right there is not one map that has came out that I can use the one that came with farm simulator works ok so please fix it right
  • Vlt222
    2016-07-14 17:56
    the door only opens not
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