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Bishop Norton v1.0 GMM
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Bishop Norton v1.0 GMM

FSModding is based on a real location in Lincolshire England.
The map has 45 Buyable Fields of all different Sizes, Features a Huge Storage Building which you can store all default Crop including chaff grass straw etc, you can remove these from the bunkers using the Pipe ( Silo Trigger) or Using a shovel / Wheel Loader.
We made many new building for this map which we release as soon as possible.

This is the First Version and Features:
All are Click able Links to get the Required Mods:
Gulle Mist Mod
AnimationMap Trigger
Chopped Straw

Advised but not Required:
Marhus Sawmill

More images Can Be found Here : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.584987004937908.1073741863.310314185738526&type=3
You have no Permission to upload at any other location without first Contacting me Personally!!
The Soil Mod Version Will be Ready Soon


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