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Bizon Z050/6 by LESTER89
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Bizon Z050/6 by LESTER89

I present to you another made by me edit this time it's z050 / 6.
I spent a lot of time with him, but still it is not 100% what I want.
More info in the description FROM ME!

Mod has:
- A real scale
- A real speed
- A real power
- Realistic sounds
- Animations almost everything
- Addition and subtraction of gas per key
- The pipe opened at the exit of the car
- All flaps opened to the press at the approach
- Removing and guards chopper on the button when approaching
- Unfolding and folding chopper on the button when approaching
- Getting up at the combine on key (better seen gorge)
- Threshing activated on the button
- Twisting and untwisting concave on key
- Enabling header on key
- Manual lifting and lowering hedra
- Motowidła raised and lowered at the press
- Motowidła moved in and out on key
- The speed adjustable on key motowideł
- Change distributors canopy on rape and vice versa on the button when approaching
- Moving all pulleys, walkers, etc.
- Sound dumping grain from the tank
- Sound throw gear
- Mirrors
- Exhaust
- He leaves traces
- The dust under the wheels
- Animations on hederach

- Opening the side flap
- The wheels changed on the button (on request players)
- Dark fumes
- Folding cock
- The expected peak on key num7
- Improving texury
- Improving visual bison (added a few elements)
- Included matched header

The improvement directions and chaff! to function properly even though they can not see it you have to walk underneath it and click the appropriate button!

The prohibition of changing the link!
If you do not have a clue about how to edit it did not move! Too bad bungle things!
If you can well program and you want to help me modify subsequent editions WELCOME!

Model: Marcello1942, Asd4, Fumski
Programming: Rockstar94, LESTER89
Script: Rockstar94
Edit LS 13: Rolnik7245 mathimo
Edit FS 15: LESTER89

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