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Bizon Z056 beta 2 Pack
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Bizon Z056 beta 2 Pack


Publish to you today 5 versions combine Bizon Z056:
- Red cab
- Red cap
- Yellow cap
- Yellow cap and a blue forage harvester
- Brown cap (I once saw combine in this color: D)

Apart from the color corrected version:
- Primarily audio bus
- The problem of the high unloading trailers
- Corrected animations rear axle
- Corrected headlights

It is still a beta version, so there are still gaps in the animations and probably a few others. Combine course will be further developed. : D
For each version is a separate header, but considering the addition of a separate packet headers that do not mess in the store and reduce the size of the package.
The scale can be large, but I note that it contains 5 versions of the combine. :)
I would recommend and I look forward to feedback and evaluation.


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