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Bjorn country v2.0
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Bjorn country v2.0

Bjorn country is my first version of the default map. Hope you enjoy.
The map start with no collection of milk so you can sell it yourself with the milk trailer included in the map
The map is a remake of the first default map for the 2015th
The map has got all the livestock on the farm or near.
include storage for all fruits with belts and the manure storage has the bail to manure mod built in to it.
fermenting silos, reshaped main fields, water for animals, and there is my fav part on the farm the bridge Which has water collection under this. So mix station built in to the cow feeding troth, time-controlled gate for the grain elevator Which buy everything Which does not show in the pda.

water mod,mapsiloband,fermenting silo,watermilk trailer all from Marhu.
BaleToManure Skript by rafftnix
timeControlledslidingGate by Daniel (Desperados93)

  • Rudy
    2014-12-03 03:40
    The map will not load. stays on the game is being loaded please wait. i have been waiting for 45 minutes
  • Pinguar
    2014-12-03 12:12
    sorry about your long wait but the error is my fault. The map will not load because of a hidden file namely the map01.hay unhide this file and it will work
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