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Bjorn Hausen v1.0 Beta
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Bjorn Hausen v1.0 Beta

This is my first map I have the Bjorn Holm times doing a bit redesigned according to my wishes and that has come out, it is just in the beta but you can already play in multiplayer as I
so now down to business

the map has:
the main courtyard with normal BGA and cows which are located above in the brewery
the cow pasture cows was "almost" also built to a court are still there just are just seeds and grit there
graze on both cow's feed and straw retractable
courtyards on both is a straw / heuverkauf
the standard BGA was rebuilt but there are still cars there where I darn how I work it away but as I said get the map is still in beta state
repays much fun with the map
they may nowhere be somewhere else uploaded
your jjg349

by jjgg349

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