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Bjorn Holm Mining and Construction Economy v1.0
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Bjorn Holm Mining and Construction Economy v1.0

If you are farming simulator purist then this map is not for you, because this map has many tasks to do instead of cultivating, harvesting, feeding animals etc.
This map it is a modification of Bjornholm.

What is new in this map:
This map has a mine where you can extract stone, limestone, sand and coal.
You use the stone crusher for the production of gravel and you use a limestone crusher for the production of cement.
With the gravel you can extract gold at goldmaster, and sell the gold in the ATM machine nearby the tractor shop.
With the gravel, sand, cement and water you can produce concrete at the concrete factory, and sell the concrete in the construction area, also you can sell sand, gravel, cement and concrete slabs.
The concrete slabs has automatic production and you don´t need to make nothing for production of concrete slabs.
The coal can be sold at the biomass power plant or in the lime factory.
In the port you have a lime factory where you can produce lime to apply on soil instead of liquid fertilizer or manure.
Please read the tutorial which is within the map file to avoid unnecessary questions.

watermod, kalkmod, fermentingsilo.lua: Marhu
Stockages: chtiseb
Building Materials: Viper123
Waterstation: LsPrO
Concrete factory: VAHA
Lime/kalk factory (Sugar Factory Nordzucker): El_Cid
GOLDMASTER: dajnet mods
CompostMaster: Andy1978
And me: Nonnus

  • Baron
    2015-07-02 20:30
    Map is glitched bad, once you use a key, you cannot use it again.
  • Codeman
    2015-07-02 23:24
    ya it is glitched bad each time I load map I push start and then try to use tab to go to next vehicle it don't work after the first vehicle then I try to buy another vehicle and it doesn't pop up when I push p then I try to exit out the esc doesnt bring the exit out hub up but I would love to play this map with out glitches they should finish something before its loaded onto modhub
  • Simon
    2015-07-02 23:32
  • Nonnus
    2015-07-03 00:25
    The map works very fine, do you extract the modpack into your modfolder?
  • Bob


    2015-07-03 06:52
    hi i am not going to download this reading the coments
  • Nd89
    2015-07-03 06:53
    I cant get the water to trigger into the goldmaster machine. is there a certain trailer to use?
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-07-03 08:44
    As stated above, same problem. Also will not take water at Cement Factory and the Gravel will not give a tip signal. Also the landing spot for Equipment, puts them on the fence. No display menus showing, Needs some more work done to map, Good concept, (bob)
  • Jordan
    2015-07-03 11:45
    could you been a v1.1 a fixed version of this please
  • Nonnus
    2015-07-03 14:48
    BOB (WIRES)Send me your log.txt nonnus @ live.com.pt
  • Tom


    2015-07-03 15:23
    Hi!I don't have the issue with water or gravel, but i can't get any gold even i have fill up with gravel and water.
  • Nonnus
    2015-07-03 19:00
    You need processing many tons of gravel to extract gold. If you have the goldmaster 24h (hours game, not real life) working (gravel and water) the gold show up.
  • Cray
    2015-07-04 02:57
    everything works fine for me so far except neither the cement truck or trailer from mod pack will take cement. anyone have this problem or is it something im not doing right.
  • Grey
    2015-07-04 08:15
    So far I haven't experienced any of these issues. No real trouble except the BGA bunkers don't have any chaff texture, just a white blob. However the bunker at the cow pasture worked ok.Also no texture for sugar beets or potatoes in their bunker at the main farm. the belts look fine, just the ground pile.a few tweaks, more construction sites, and this map will be great.
  • Nonnus
    2015-07-04 11:13
    Thanks for your information I will correct in the next version.
  • Grey
    2015-07-05 03:16
    My trouble could be mod related. But haven't had a chance to do full test yet. Will try to move a few crop mods around when I can.
  • Ando
    2015-07-05 08:57
    hi is there any minning maps for 2013 please
  • Grey
    2015-07-05 11:24
    There was a while back but I could never get it to work properly. It's up here on Modhub, but don't recall the name.
  • Grey
    2015-07-05 11:44
    It was OILSAND MOD MAP PACK. It includes the map and a number of equipment. The vehicles worked OK, but I never could get the map to work, so can't tell you if it's any good.
  • Codyhalla8
    2015-07-07 20:23
    i having issues getting the mod to install to game its putting all files to dds and wont allow me to use them please fix or help
  • Seb
    2016-03-16 23:24
    ive been waiting for 30 min restarted the game around 5 times and the map will never shoe the ''Start'' anybody got an idea ?
  • Bob


    2016-10-26 01:44
    were are the mods?
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