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Bjorn Holm Plus v2.0
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Bjorn Holm Plus v2.0

Bjorn Holm + is an extension of the standard Map Bjorn Holm.
The map has been supplemented with a few mods and been provided through changes.

The following has been added or modified:
Butcher's shop
Manure storage
digital scoreboards
new maize texture
new arable texture
new shop building
Offset Kuhweide

Please unzip the folder and adds the accompanying mods in the modfolder a.
I wish you much fun while playing, a Merry Christmas and a Happy !! 2016

Die Umbauten, Veränderungen und Ergänzungen habe ich gemacht, aber die hinzugefügten Mods/Objekte sind von deren Moddern: Marhu, Geneborg, Andy1978, Pandahma und LwFarming. Ich hoffe das ich alle genannt habe.

  • Donnie
    2015-12-24 19:52
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    you still need mixfeeder too and mixfeeder in the beef barn too
  • Merry christmas from georgia
    2015-12-27 17:58
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    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Georgia.
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