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Bjorn Settlers v1.6.0
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Bjorn Settlers v1.6.0

Feel like buying fields is too easy? Want to work hard to get that arable land? Want to do more forestry? Need more progression?

Realistic fields costs: Adjusted cost of fields to be more realistic in relation of how much work is required to be able to farm them.
- Plowed fields cost x4
- Non-plowed fields cost x3
- Light Forest fields cost x2
- Heavy Forests fields have default cost

*Note; This doesn't affect the starting fields as it would require too much "grinding" just to get some farming started.

Grouped some fields into farms: Fields close to farms / windmill are grouped to be bought at a very high price. You are now essentially paying to buy-out someone's farm and his surrounding land (see map). Prices of those fields and lands follow the new price ruleset. Visit the owner's house to buy!

Changed starting vehicles: Added basic forestry vehicles to help out in the beginning and moved tractors into the farm.

Map changes:
- A lot more forests and trees in general, light and heavy types.
- Less clutter near the starting farm, less useless building around the map in the middle of no-where.


- Initial Release
- Changed encoding and folder structure so you can use on dedicated servers and do not need to un-zip
- Fixed typos
- Fixed massive drop in FPS due to wrong draw distance attributes
- Tweaked draw distance attributes further, 200% increase in FPS in some cases
- Removed help triggers as they were resetting at each reload
- Removed forestGrass foliage on the entire map as it doesn't disappear when plowed over
- Fixed duplicated trees north and west of field 18
- Fixed duplicated trees south of field 21
- Fixed grass over road near fields 8-9


Made by Polish Renegade

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