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Bjornhol Standartmap v1.0
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Bjornhol Standartmap v1.0

Here is my first map I ask for DL, have changed something in the Standartmap
The map goes without critical problems in the SP and on a dedi server, hosted in the game without mods only.
This is due to the two mast systems as soon as a solution is found you will know right here.
What has changed:
The sheep pasture was placed near the cow pasture, plus 2 pigs and 2 cattle fattening and built a manure storage.
Then fields were still placed together ..

And now the mods. (When more than one Selecting like it)
Water Trailer:
Joskin Betimax (for transport of pigs and cattle):
Now the pack, the need to unpack it.
Manure transport trailer for the manure pit:

Thanks to:
Marhu for pigs and cattle fattening as the conveyor belt at the manure storage
Andy1978 for manure storage
Thanks also to everyone else who helped me and since I've installed building
Bull Gore for use of textures
Furthermore, my thanks goes to all the other modders from because I have installed some things, unfortunately I know exactly what never was and by whom. When you see what just contact me and I write of course included.
A huge thanks goes to Pixel Freak and truckers Berlin for the test.
A thanks also go to papa björn for Map imagination (video)
The map can be sold on the other side of the DL only because the original link !!!!!


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