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Bjornholm AddOn v2.0
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Bjornholm AddOn v2.0

This addon extends the Bjorn Holm Map to a few useful and decorative elements.
What is included?
A new drop-off site in the village with the inscription LKXstudios
This unloading pay twice the standard price and assumes all Standar
Extensive signage
Mixing station and beet Schnitzler to the cow pasture
Level indicators

Why this addon and no map?
When you have installed this addon (single in the modfolder) you have to start any new game.
Just keep playing on the default Bjorn Holm map. The addon automatically places objects in the default Maps.

What is planned for the v3?
Completely new store design (-> better loading times)
More Trees
More functional elements

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Have fun with the mod

Creative Commons License
Bjorn Holm Addon of LKXstudios is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License . This does not apply to the works used. Whose rights are with the Urmoddern.

Maruh - Mischstation
Funky. - Rübenschneider
Nick98.1 - Schilder
El_Cid - Lageranzeigen
Für Nicht- oder Falschnennungen möchte ich mich entschuldigen. Bitte melden sie sich bei mir in Modhoster per PN.
Stand: 8.3.2015 v2.0

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    2015-03-09 12:32
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    Very nice....Thanks a lots for this great job...
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