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Bjornholm for Helper v1.0
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Bjornholm for Helper v1.0

Hello Ls 15 players
this week I got the idea to convert the standard map Bjorn Holm. Those like me who (also standard) knows the Wesrbridge Hills Map, Favour maybe even square, helper-friendly fields. In Westbridge Hills I had been on my server (BGA; Forestry & Agriculture) festellen that the helpers leave it there for much less. Thus boosts the economy and it does not always have to drive themselves, so that nothing stands still.
My savegame provides:

Pressure Washer near each discharge station
Helper Friendly Fields
More meadows for grass
No launch vehicles
Stocked deposits
12,000 euros starting capital

1. Download a file
2. Insert files in the folder to an empty folder savegame
3. In the game to load the appropriate savegame
4. Have Fun
If you want to buy you machines, you can sell even some cereal, so you can decide which vehicles your own want. There are no annoying, underpowered Maschienen more. You include all fields (could not be helped), and you will remain very much open space.
Power with the map that makes you fun, I hope you like it because this was my first mod. Maybe not the last one.
For questions, please contact me via Modhoster or comes to my server when it is open. (BGA; Forestry & Agriculture)
Password if available: 123

For spelling errors liable Tastertur!
A big thank you to the many helpers who have supported me in this project today. Without you it would have taken forever and a lot less fun.

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