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Bjornholm Remixed v1
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Bjornholm Remixed v1

This is Bjornholm Remixed, by Mastice. Unless something major comes along this is the final release of this map as it was only a test to see what new features came with Giants Editor 6.0.2.

This is a remix of the stock map Bjornholm. The two main goals of this remix was to redesign the main farm to remove most of the unusable buildings which will hopefully improve functionality, along with moving all animal zones into the central farm.

The old cow zone has been replaced with more logging on slightly flatter ground than usual. The old sheep zone has been replaced with mowable grass. You start with mid-ranged machinery and I have changed a few of the fields close to the main farm to take into account the larger machinery startup.

v1.5 Update
-fixed vehicle reset locations
-fixed map marker locations
-fixed cow straw animations
-added some trees to the Mill Pond area
-fixed minor landscaping issues at central farm

This is the stock map Bjornholm that comes with FS15. It has been modified by Mastice.

  • Kris
    2014-11-12 23:22
    No food storage? Would be perfect with food storage...
  • Tony
    2016-02-01 22:37
    agree perfect with food store same as westbridge remix
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