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Bjornholm v1.1.0 GulleMistKalkmod
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Bjornholm v1.1.0 GulleMistKalkmod

This is the default Bjornholm map, packaged as a Mod Map. This has been done because you can't add mods like the "Chopped straw" mod and the "Soilmod" (FS13) to the default map, but you can add them to mod maps.
I have changed absolutely nothing to the map, except from removing all the gold coins and all the question mark help boxes. I've done this because they kept respawning, which can get annoying after a while.
For V1.0 and later, I've installed the ChoppedStraw mod in the map. For this to work, you'll need the ChoppedStraw mod itself, which can be found here: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/choppedstraw--2
There is one little problem with the map: When you start it, it gives you the default messages that says: "If you are not yet familiar with the game's basics, you can always start a new game in the Bjornholm map and participate in the short introductory tour." This only happens once, and can be simply skipped by clicking the mouse button.


V0.9 is just the default Bjornholm map, nothing special added.
V1.0 is the default Bjornholm map, with the ChoppedStraw mod built in.
V1.0.1 is just a small patch, which solves some log errors.

All credits go to GIANTS Software Gmbh. for creating the game, map, all vehicles and scripts.

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