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Bjornholm v2.0
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Bjornholm v2.0

Good day,

I have the Björnholm map v2 yet fixed a little, but because some things still bugged me a little.

What has changed ?:
Firstly, the animals are now all on the Hapthof, the Court is close and I think beautiful built.
In the former sheep meadow is now a little "village" Added
The Former Kuhhof was removed, and made of it a meadow.
This is now in a BGA Maschienenhalle
A box was made to the meadow, but must be before harvesting Bought
The sale trigger fo r wood has been set higher, so you can now also sell with the Great trailer!
The sale trigger the freight station now works in multiplayer !!
More sheltering opportunities on the farm
And a few other blemishes

From me of the map may also be CHANGED and are asked to Dl. If you find errors you can write me anytim

Giants Andy

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