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Black pete semi V1
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Black pete semi V1

Its a wip im tired of prople asking bout it so here it is. It is not complete.

Lanemodding and all other creds in moddesc

  • Guest
    2016-02-12 23:20
    tired of people asking about a WIP? let me get the violin out. grow some balls dude!!!
  • Bill
    2016-02-12 23:23
    haha, get the sand out of your vagina lanemodding.
  • Lanemodding
    2016-02-13 00:41
    ok idk who uploaded this but i had not part in this mod
  • Punisher
    2016-02-13 01:23
    LOL this truck has been out for MONTHS!!!
  • Viruses
    2016-02-13 05:41
    warning, this has rootkit viruses, you will need to use special rootkit detection to stop it, normal antivirus won't see it
  • Kolton123
    2016-02-13 16:32
    vagina lickers
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