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Black Rock Valley by Stevie. HSS Multifruit V1.1 HSSMF
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Black Rock Valley by Stevie. HSS Multifruit V1.1 HSSMF

Black Rock Valley V1.1 HSS Multifruit.
OK so a few of you know that I have been working on my second map my first being Ringwoods and although it's a work in progress here's V1 of Black Rock Valley for you all to try out.

 The map is log error free.

 There are 4 versions of the map for download: The High System Spec and the Standard System Spec and Multifruit for both. The differences are the HSS spec map has higher terrain lod distance/blend, detail, tree clip and LOD and needs a good High end PC or gaming rig to view the map at it's best. The SSS version has standard settings for tree clip, lod and terrain distance and will play on lesser Pc systems. The actual map designs are exactly the same and neither has multifruit or soilmod at this stage. You will not notice much difference when you first load the HSS and SSS versions up but once you start hiring AI you will see the FPS fall in the HSS version unless your PC system is good.

 As always I can not say that the map will perform as intended on your pc system.

 We are playing the High Spec version although we can only play it on medium settings with around 7-8 AI drivers before the framrate drops below 45fps. Our specs are all intel xenon quad core pc's, 8-16gb ram, Windows 7 64bit Ultimate, Nvidia 680gtx and 780gtx.
 Unzip the main file and place the zips inside your mod folder.
 All map versions come with support zips which must be placed in the mod folder along with the map file.

 Mods you will need for the map. Kotte Garrant universal tanker, Joskin Betimax RDS animal transport trailer, and a good multi-trailer for manure, compost, straw etc. The same ones you use in Ringwoods basically.

New For V1.1
Multifruit added and the fruits are oat, sorghum, sunflower and soybean.
Embedded fill planes and particles for all trailers, combines etc.
New Water effect.
Potato washer and potato steamer added along with sell points and embedded fill planes and particles.
Silos updated for new fruits.
Floating objects corrected.
Egg Triggers corrected for chickens.
Requires starting a new fresh game do not use the old save.

ZZZMultifruit_Extended now with the package.

Maps main features.

  New custom map design from scratch.
  22 Fields 4 of which are owned from the start of the game.
  Field sizes include small, medium and large.
  Compost plant.
  Salad Factory.
  Animal fattening.
  2 Farms Black Rock Farm and East Ridge Farm.
  Custom PDA
  Sageworks Saw mill plus 2 sawmils in the mountains for wood sales.
  Natural forestry trails.
  Custom Animal Zones
  Wool Pallet collector.
  New building textures.
  Custom BGA easy tip place.
  The barns have bale destroyers and open shed tip points for Windrow.
  Transport Missions all start at the Black Rock Farm.
  4 flat lot's for placeable mods, 2 are huge. 1 medium and a small.
  A few new custom models made from the games originals for me by Luke_BK.
  Rolling fields and terrain.
  Pedestrians and Traffic.
  Rivers, lakes and waterfalls.
  Working Train at the yard.
  Sales of compost, manure and liquid manure.
  There's plenty more but you'll have to explore.

Report any issues/problems on the maps facebook page as I don't have the time at the minute for all the sites and forum post's. Here I will see them quickly. Updates for the map will also be posted on Facebook.

 Thanks to:
 Perfect08 and Jerry Taylor for testing with me.
 Mike for the youtube video of the V1 map. His channel is:
 Farmer_Andy and Marhu for superb map mods which as always a straight forward to install.
 Robbie on FS-UK for the blank starter map.

Download the zip file, unzip and you will have 11 zips and a readme file. Simply place all the zip files into your mod folder.

Original by Giants, Mod by Stevie.

  • Firez34
    2015-06-27 10:49
    Update. V1.1 There's an error in the zip file name for the HSSV1.1 Multifruit, When you have unzipped the package rename the map zip file and remove the . between the 1's in the name. The name is blackRockValleyV1.1HSSMF Remove the . so blackRockValleyV11HSSMF will work fine.
  • Perfect08
    2015-06-27 11:09
    Well done buddy.Take a break.
  • Firez34
    2015-06-27 11:12
    After the other 3 versions are on the FB page I will. I'm going to sleep for a week and not look at a mod for a month at least.
  • Perfect08
    2015-06-27 11:36
    I don't blame you buddy.
  • Aleksei
    2015-06-27 13:34
    downloaded the map why it is not displayed in the game please tell me why ?
  • Perfect08
    2015-06-27 13:44
    Read first [email protected] that tells you what to do.
  • Firez34
    2015-06-27 14:23
    Hi Alex like PERFECT08 says the fix is in the first comment.
  • Aleksei
    2015-06-27 15:10
    thank you @ PERFECT08 does not help
  • Firez34
    2015-06-27 15:53
    Guy's don't use the wheat silo at the salad factory we've had it error on us a few minutes ago. Trailer wheat into the factory instead.
  • Deere
    2015-06-27 22:03
    It did not work for me either
  • Deere
    2015-06-27 22:05
    I just have a black bar instead of it saying game is being loaded
  • Firez34
    2015-06-27 23:26
    Deere the maps zip needs renaming the . between the 1's needs removing see the first comment post.
  • Firez34
    2015-06-27 23:27
    Deere V1b is out tomorrow on the Facebook page which fixes it and the silo issue at the salad factory.
  • Deere
    2015-06-28 03:07
    I removed the . and it still did not work. Also what is the name of the Facebook page?
  • Firez34
    2015-06-28 14:43
    The Facebook link is in the Black Rock Description above. The new Multifruit versions V1.1b are already live and can be grabbed there in the top pinned post. Stevie. Also You may have a conflicting mod in your mod folder preventing it from loading buddy. Stevie
  • Deere
    2015-06-28 15:29
    Thanks. Much appreciated.
  • Scoops
    2015-07-02 05:42
    After doing the instructions, (if you had trouble with the map loading)... it ran...lol...very very well...this is by far, the finest map, with everything I was looking for on it. A few errors when mods being loaded, but that is my problem...I can still continue to play the map. No lag when hiring workers. Courseplay works perfect with it. Sorry, if I won't be back again for awhile...I have a great map to work...and YouTube videos to make. Good Job !!!
  • Carty
    2015-08-08 21:41
    Hi FIREZ34 Wow what a map brillinat thank you verry verry much i just love this map,It's the best one ever
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