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Black Scorpion Pack v1.1
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Black Scorpion Pack v1.1

Black Scorpion Modding presents the new 250. For all those features of the original Lamborghini Mach too little power, flexibility and features, but the way we love the look. Available in 3 versions.
Black Scorpion 250
Black Scorpion 250 Track
Black Scorpion 250 Bestia
All versions have a permanently installed front loader. So that this also has enough space to work on all models the front linkage can be folded.
The interior has been completely revised and now allows for easier readability of the instruments and easier operations in low-light environments.
Great emphasis was placed on an increased driveability, so that all models can be moved safely and stably even at high speeds. Despite the increased performance, the maneuverability of the vehicles is increased. So radiate all models simultaneously from rest and strength.
The Model 250 Bestia received a special paint. With the built-Turbo, this model can both visually and sonically impressive.
The models 250 and 250 track come with 300PS, 450PS over the aeons.

-Farbwahl (On model Bestia by the special paint only available for the rims)
-hochauflösender interior
-beleuchteter interior
-new illuminated, high resolution speedometer unit
-Frontlader On all models
-klappbare Front hydraulic
-completely revised physics (no drifting, realistic acceleration despite high power)
Adjusted consumption
-Bestia Has new turbo engine sound and exhaust stronger effect
Adapted and changed texture maps
-Selectable license plates
-log Error-free

In working for next version:
-Koppelung The interior lighting in the headlights
-Funktionsfähigkeit The wiper
Display of all data in the HUD on the vehicle display
-Image Dirttextur for realistic dirt

This mod or parts thereof, may not be changed without approval or otherwise distributed.
If you have questions, suggestions or comments, please contact us at any time.
Since the MOD is not used by us in multiplayer, an impeccable multiplayer mode is untested and not guaranteed. If there are any errors, please feedback to correct the error.
Have fun and good harvest wishes you
Black Scorpion Modding

Black Scorpion

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