Farming simulator 2019 mods
Blank map with multifruit v1
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Blank map with multifruit v1

blank map with multifruit + choppedStraw + Guelle Mist Kalk + pig + beef + ViehMarkt (v5)
oats rye sunflower clover luzerne and 5 foliage layers
added farm silo with oats rye sunflower
Husbandry's cow sheep and chicken

FSModding. (pig beef. Emsfahrer Katsuo GCG Modding Marhu Silas770) .El Cid. Foliage Layers.

  • Bufaloe
    2016-06-18 01:37
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    When I try to purchase anything, it always says there's "no more space! Remove the purchased items first", but thee are no items to remove. I've checked some of the xml files in notepad ++ but with no luck. I've been trying to find the problem for over 2 hours and I'm going to keep on trying. If someone could help me I sure would appreciate it.
  • Bufaloe
    2016-06-18 02:37
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    I figured it out but I've never had to do it on another blank map at the very beginning .
  • Gr4p3k1lla
    2016-09-15 19:05
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    How did you get it to work?
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