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Blazer 2000 v1.0
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Blazer 2000 v1.0

Heres a version of the blazer 2000 which was originally Rafzers until oneday i decided it would be great if it had tracks instead of wheels so thats what i did. It took me sometime to do as i was a newbie to the editing scene but with many hrs of frustration and determination i cracked it and was left with the Tracked Blazer, Enjoy and happy downloading.

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    Already posted before.... So also not your edit... http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/balzer-2000-1/
  • Victoria
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    The edit originally came from jc modder as a test of his ability , he then posted a pic to his profile and was asked by lantmanen for a link , he then took the link and posted as his when it wasn't, so before you say who did what and who it belongs to it was jc modders as a project to continue then it fell in wrong hands as all mods do, get over it as its a game not real life , plus remember its a site of all ages
  • Junk
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    classic fs community shit. leaving modding to actual talented modders
  • Jake32
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    I did a edit similar to this and yes sent it via private message to lantmannen, wither its the same one or not i dont know, i did do it as a bit of fun and long term project but I turned to map editing instead. So if you dont like dont complain and be nasty as Victoria mentioned its a site used by all ages and am sure the admins who run the site wont be impressed either
  • Aaron
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    Hello peeps
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