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BMW X5 2004 model v1.0
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BMW X5 2004 model v1.0

This is BMW X5 2004 model by themercedesbenzfan heavily modified by me . Why this BMW X5 ? Because i saw 3 or 4 poor edits for this mod already  and i thought it might look alot better after a proper edit with more attention to small detailes . Permission from the original author guaranteed  . The mod shold be released much earlier ... but hey .. better late than never.
So what's new  ? a lot of stuff...

-new paint color ( red and black )
-new driving behavior ( no more that annoying sliding on 'ice ' effect )
-new sound
-new steering wheel
-new paint reflection
-new rims and tires
-new camera angle for interior and exterior
-dust particle
-improved interior texture including new leather
-adjusted farmer position
-fixed the annoying exaggerated specular on the whole car
-speed needle indicate now the actual speed
-plenty of small details like chromed exhaust, different texture for front and back windows  etc...

I dont want to hear the question ''why a car ? this game is farming simulator ''  I've seen this question many times !  You are free to press or not to press the download button . Nobody is forced to download the mod . If you dont like cars in farming simulator then dont download cars . I personally use cars when i am playing new maps. I always explore new maps ( in a car ) before starting the actual farming gameplay with plowing,seeding , harvesting etc.
So that being said ... i wish you lot of fun and drive safe  :-)

themercedesbenzfan author of the mod
edit clrsjohn

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