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Boat Trailer v1
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Boat Trailer v1

Offspring this is straight for you.


  • Vans videos
    2016-08-15 19:48
    Thanks for getting my mod out to more people. Thanks buddy!
  • @vans videos
    2016-08-15 20:07
    VANS VIDEOS are we going to start crying over a dam mod grow up ASS HAT and get a life.. Giants is going to be releasing all privet mods that y'all have been keeping to you self
  • Offspringgaming
    2016-08-15 20:22
    LOL you leaked the mod out of spite to hate on me, you need to grow up kid. But lol how is giants going to release our private mods? HAHAHAHA that comment made my day hilarious.http://youtube.com/theoffspring
  • @offspringgaming
    2016-08-15 20:32
    OFFSPRINGGAMING each mod u make/load in the editor is loaded on two a sever...all mods are owned buy giants
  • @offspringgaming
    2016-08-15 20:34
    the ASS HAT that thinks he is cool at building mods..take you OFFSPRINGGAMING ass and go back to fucking you sister / mother..no one cares about your stupid ass
  • Guest316
    2016-08-15 20:47
    Quote "each mod u make/load in the editor is loaded on two a sever".....That has to be the DUMBEST thing ive read all week. You truly are a genuine idiot arent you? Like a legit retard! That "quote" could not be more WRONG! Giants does not have a magic auto uploading server that loads everything mad in GE....lmao.....I mean seriously..... Yes, anything in i3d format is property of Giants software as stated in the GE ToS, but they dont have a magic auto uploading server. Damn....lmao
  • @guest316
    2016-08-15 20:56
    whats wrong cup cake are u salty today that person knows what he is talking about Giants has all ready said they will be releasing mods...your just another dumb fuck that has someone dick up your ass...
  • Day 2
    2016-08-15 20:58
    lmao day two of people fighting...yall fuck sticks stop your dam crying all yall do is cry over a dam mod shut the fuck up and get a life bitches
  • Guest316
    2016-08-15 21:11
    I am not "salty" or mad or any of that. I just think its hilarious that you retards think there is some magic server in fairy land thats going to release all private mods. Its not gonna happen. Yet you claim "Giants said so"....well man up and post proof / evidence of that absolutely hilarious claim. So, lets see the proof :)
  • @guest316
    2016-08-15 21:25
    GUEST316 i think its kind of funny u say man up well wont u man up and go look for your self this can work both ways...they did say so everyone has seen...u about the stupidest sob on modhub go finish sucking dick first be for u go look
  • Guest316
    2016-08-15 22:01
    I follow FS news / updates regularly and NO such statement has ever been made by Giants Software. Your reply does not surprise me though, since you cannot back up that statement with any proof / evidence lol.
  • Kst247
    2016-08-16 00:38
    i'm in school for computer engineering and opened up the data file for GE and NOWHERE does the codes say that everything you open goes to a server. the only GE data script that involves internet is the help links. sorry to bust your bubble little bud but it seemed like you needed to be educated a little. hopefully this helped :)
  • Holy shit balls
    2016-08-16 02:23
    Dam all you stupids fucks shut the hell up
  • Giantsisstealingourmods
    2016-08-16 06:19
    Really? every time you upload a mod into GE it uploads to a server? really? well then you must be a special kind of retarded. Maybe you and Kevin Enfinger need to be butt buddies. GE has no fucking internet connection. If it isnt linked to the internet how the fuck is it uploaded to a server? Its impossible.
  • Giantsisstealingourmods
    2016-08-16 06:22
    oh and if GE does such a thing why is there nothing in settings or in the program files linking to the internet. If thats the case that every time it uploads to their server then the damn program would pop up a prompt saying no internet connection when you save your files. Ive been playing FS since the beginning and using GE from when it came out. NEVER has and NEVER will be connected to the internet in any way.
  • Jim


    2016-08-17 23:01
    Giants said on a forum that every mod being put in GE that they have a copy of it. How ya think they get ideas for up coming game? They just cant use real logos because of licence issue. But yes they said that there tired of the fighting going on with there game.
  • Csx68
    2016-09-11 06:00
    so much hate omfg lmao
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