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Bobcat E45 v1.0
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Bobcat E45 v1.0

Here is my first attempt at a bobcat e45 excavator.

FT Modding

FT Modding

  • Ash1223
    2016-10-21 22:34
    shame... I wish i could use them on my dedicated but "they aren't fs15 mods"
  • Thorndog59
    2016-10-22 14:50
    ASH1223, they are fs15 mods. They have been used constantly in FS 2015. What are your issues with the file? Is everything working as it should be?
  • Miguel da costa
    2016-10-23 15:37
    it happens with me also, the machines don t apear in the store..
  • Thorndog59
    2016-10-26 10:51
    I tested these files constantly before i uploaded this and the other mods. Everything should be working normally.
  • Bon


    2016-10-29 03:02
    it says Kubota and its bobcat
  • James
    2017-10-27 08:30
    i like this mod just wish it was in a zip file instead of a rar file also once i got it installed in the game i couldnt buy any of it
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