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Borderland xxl v2.0
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Borderland xxl v2.0

So here it is.
The Grenzlandxxlv2
This is the GrenzlandmapXXL a 4 Fachmap Multi
Medium and large fields.
Many sold filters
Fruit varieties sunflower, poppy, Luzurne rye, soybeans,
Oats, clover and the standard fruits.
Quark, Yogurt.Käse, H.Milch can be charged at the dairy and
be proceeds again.
Pig and cattle fattening and fattening of bulls is installed.
Milk must be brought to Molkerrei itself.
No traffic blocked.
The MixFeeder was installed in the cowshed
Bugs have been fixed.
A sawmill was built.
The mulch Bga added.
a forest to fell trees.
Hof redesigned.
New Corn & Grass installed silos.
Tap 2 piece installed in the yard.
seeds can now be loaded at Raiffeisen and Libsch.
Mods that are needed ...

MixFeeder Mod.

Recommended mods
FS15_flieglDPW180 It is a pack Truck and Trailer dieverse
FSM_Fortuna_Pack_LS15 the current vision
TSL_LKWViehtrailer_LS15_withoutWSB_clean recommended due to the load with the bulls

Bauerandreas (Deutzd15)

  • Kyle
    2016-02-06 03:12
    have downloaded this map about 7 times now if someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong i would greatly appreciate it i put it in the mods folder amd it doesn't show up in the map list??? please help.
  • John
    2016-02-06 08:33
    Full off warnings and missing items, forget this
  • Bob


    2016-02-06 23:04
    Hi... Map looks good, has 2 "mix feeders", large fields, good layout, but I have 2 comments so far,1. game does not do a "save operation very well, (possible mix feeder conflict ) 2. the "wool pallet collector is in the wrong location, it is next to "chicken zone"...Bob..
  • Bob


    2016-02-09 19:39
    The Milk Factory will not function, will not unload milk (at the pad), shows no"display menu"for requirements or products. (quark, yogurt, kasese, or h_milch). Bob.
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