Farming simulator 2019 mods
Bossini B200 V3.0
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Bossini B200 V3.0

New Mesh with Normal Map
Full Animated with IC Control from Panel
Manual Attach PTO/ PTO Animated Rotation
Transport Manure and Spreading
2 Types of Tires (Michelin CargoXBib and Alliance Flotation)
Extra Tools Attachable (Lancia,Interratori e Dischiera) powered by SAZ Modding (Lancia) and STv-Modding

Bossini B200 model Turbosquid by TeamAurora
Conversion FS15 :
Dirt: STv-Modding
In-game: STv-Modding,DDModPassion
Capacity: 20000 liters
New Dirt
All Bug Fixed
Work Light Extra
Hydraulic Tubes Attach
New Physics
New Wheels
Variable Spreader
Full Washable
Control Panel Attach
Signal Sounds
Various Skins
New Work Sounds

Model AuroraTeam STv-Modding, DDModPassion, Mirozed, Gabry982

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