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Bourgault AIO v1.0
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Bourgault AIO v1.0

consisting of Seedcart, seeders and Fertilizercart with a working width of 23 meters vcon
It consists of three separate elements.

1. Fertilizercart serves as Sprayer
2. Airseeder direct seed
3.Seedcart Attrape only for optics

There is due to the total length of the trailer combination no helper function
Mod has to be unpacked!

Modell: Jerrico Knagstedt
Textur: Jerrico
Idee / Konzept: Icke

  • Heitorfs15
    2016-03-28 23:07
    Vou engatar como ? com a bunda ? ....... ta bugado
  • Bart
    2016-05-27 02:28
    just a heads up for fixingthe fertilizer tank on the tractor always turns the opposite way of which ya turn. so u go left it goes right. great mod for the rest
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