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Brake Light Extension v1.6
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Brake Light Extension v1.6

Huhu @ all,
I once a little script tinkered that the brake lights makes it visible at standstill. But they are only visible on if:
1. The engine is started
2. You can sit inside or

2a. The Course Play is active
2b. The FollowMe Mod is active
2c. The helper is active

3. The vehicle is stationary, for example at an intersection or if 2a, 2b or 2c stuck in traffic ..
4. You are not gas (Be it via controller, keyboard or cruise control)

I got the idea from a GTA 5 Mod. The also ensures that there are stoplights visible at standstill. Then I wanted to have for the LS, since this makes perfect what her .. : D Much more there is to say about this little zip. : whistling:
Look at the picture as 'images', then it should be made clear.


Ifko[nator], www.modding-welt.com

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