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Brakesounds Addon v1.0
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Brakesounds Addon v1.0

Thank you google Translator!
That simulators may not exactly match the reality, everyone is aware. But this mod is to bring the game back a little closer in that direction.
Large machines need air brakes. There's nothing to discuss! Unfortunately, we hear from those same nothing in Farming Simulator. UNTIL NOW!
The mod adds the vehicles added compressed air sounds. Which vehicles are equipped with an air brake system and which are not, which decides your (Sorry I can not be automatically googling the LS ;-)
Given a small window that asks you if this vehicle has a compressed air system appears when entering a machine. This confirms your simply tapping the Y (Yes) or N (No). This also happens when you attach an attachment (trailers, cultivators, etc.), provided it has at least 2 registered tire.
This question is asked you once and stored immediately in a xml, which is located in the mods folder.
Did you make a mistake you or want to change something later, you must currently have the "Brakesounds_config.xml" open the mods folder, and the affected machine to change the value (true / false).

Whats observed?
The vehicles and trailers are recognized on the filename of the XML. If 2 mods have exactly the same XML labels, they will either both or none of an air brake system. Since include the filename of the XML usually the vehicle type (as Fendt936.xml), this is no problem
Strongly recommended, or almost a prerequisite is the use of the drive control-Mod by upsidedown. The reason is that I can access directly to the input devices (keyboard, steering wheel, ...) and therefore the pressing S or the brake pedal is detected as a braking operation. (Original you move south and backward)
Additional reason for the combination with drive control is the handbrake, which are also noises. Do you use any drive control, this feature falls away.
As already mentioned, the Mod works for both keyboard as well as steering wheel players
In multiplayer mod was not tested, logical thought he would, however, easily functioning (only own machines)
All tractors, where compressed air ports are obviously present, have already been added by me

The Downloaded directory must be decompressed. You will find in it the Mod (Zip just the mods folder) and a pre-config file with a few tractors been entered into (also folder in the Mod, optional). In addition, you will find it a dummy file (see below basic "rights and obligations")
Suggestions / criticism
For suggestions for additional features, I'm always open. I myself have to expand some ideas about this mod. Let your creativity run free, thanks to the open-plan Giants engine is very much possible here ;-)
Criticism or possibly found Back mistake I will check and fix, if I can adjust it. For mods like "manual attaching" and "GearboxAddon" I can fully confirm compatibility.

Rights and obligations
As always, it is not desired here that another link is used as the offered here. This has nothing to do with greed nor other societal problems.
Since I have sacrificed for this script a few hours of my quite precious time, I think it's by far not outrageously so incidentally to earn some pocket money. This is just but only if the archive least 3 mb is big. Therefore, in a dummy file whose name says what you should do so ;-)

Script: Patar (Thomas Heck)
Idee / Konzept: Patar (Thomas Heck)

  • Buster
    2016-05-29 16:03
    excellent thax.
  • Name
    2016-05-30 04:06
    Tractors do not have air brakes they have hydraulic brakes which are much more efficient than air brakes on tractors.
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