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Brantner TA23065 Power Push v1.0
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Brantner TA23065 Power Push v1.0

Built-in functions:
Wheel chocks
Color choice
Steering axle
Functioning axis shift (going from 50% Automatic forward less than 50% to the rear)
Dirt ejection
Adjustable drawbar
Display volume
Mark himself inscribe in the game

Brantner TA23065 Power Push can be loaded with wheat barley rape maize sunflower oat chaff silage grass potato sugarbeet Mist Stro hay grass chips.
Thanks also to mngrazy for the help!


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    This would be a very nice trailer if it didnt skate all over the place when its sitting by itself.. unhooked it and did some other stuff.. came back and it was turned around 120 degrees from where I left it. I thought maybe.. hopefully it was just sitting on a high spot or something. Nope. Filling it on a hillside field and it slides right down the grade. Not worth dling
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