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Bredal K85 v0.9
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Bredal K85 v0.9

A new fetilizer spreader.
Bredal K85.
Moddel changes:
New fillVolume.
New tyres. 2 Types switchable (Michael Bjerg)
New decals.
Can only spread when unfolded
Working width: 24m
capacity: 8200l
change tyres on key_m
Testet in sp and mp on dedicatedserver log and warning free.
Mod can only be uploadet on other sites with the original download link
Please respect our work and keep the original link.

Giants Michael Bjerg Palle Schilling aka(Holse)

  • Erpilas
    2016-01-14 18:59 Send message
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    this great change of wheels and tracks, a magnificent mods ... but traces cincide with no change ..... thanks for the mods, good job ...
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