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Broshuis low loader v1.3
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Broshuis low loader v1.3

Hello everyone
Exclusive only at Modhoster & L33T - Community
Here is the link to my youtube channel:
L33T community
The Broshuis low loader V1.0

Attached stantions
Marker lights
Brake lights, turn signals, hazard lights
New spring system Textured
AO TexturiertVRAM: 5,79MB
Polycount: 14951 polygon
Price: € 90,194
Model: SCS / Illuminated
AO / texture: Illuminated

L33T - Community
Features: attacher (to fix vehicles, bales & Co)
Keyboard shortcuts: Ramps Up & Down - XAttacher solid / Resolved - O
Everything else is the Familiar LS2015 standard. It is forbidden to use this work in the same,
similar or modified form, without the consent of the author (Illuminated) to re-publish.


  • Gamer
    2015-05-22 22:22 Send message
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    i like this trailer but its not wide enough
  • Trops
    2015-06-14 02:42 Send message
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    i also like the trailer, but its not wide enough , plus it sinks into the ground if u disconnect with a load on it, plus would like it if was dyeable or get in colors
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