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Broughan Tipper V2
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Broughan Tipper V2

Broughan Tipper V2
-New Lights
-Better Mud flaps on front
-Agri spec logo on back door

Aidan Lawson

  • Brian
    2016-06-06 23:57
    Again this has infringed my copyright to this mod.I am just reporting immediately.You will remove this mod immediately from this site!!!!!
  • Fuckmesilly
    2016-06-07 04:59
  • Guest
    2016-06-07 09:24
    To Brian: Once a mod is made, and released to the public, you have NO control over it. It becomes property of Giants Software and is fair game to edits / improvements / sharing. Reporting this mod will do NOTHING. This site seems to thrive on shit like this lol. Better clean the sand outta your vag.
  • Name
    2016-06-07 11:14
    The problem with posting mods is all sites has partners and they have partners and so on , so what am saying is post one site soon it be on them all no matter what copyrights in place
  • Enzosnext
    2016-06-07 18:09
    This mod was downloaded from our site by a member. When that member did sign up to join the site they agreed to not share or distribute without permission. Brian does in fact state on his mod that this should not be uploaded anywhere else.Brian is perfectly entitled to know who it was that uploaded this mod (and seems to want to keep doing it) as a site that user will have there IP address closed down
  • Satis (admin from mc)
    2016-06-07 18:12
    @Fuckmesilly: The only one that is retarded is you for posting something like that.For the 2 others:Saying that once it's released, it's property of Giants Software is totally wrong, since they didn't make the model or the artwork for that matter. Giants Software provides the resources for this model to be ingamed so people can use it, not the other way around.Nothing more to say, since Enzosnext already said what needs to be said there.
  • Satis (admin from mc)
    2016-06-07 18:14
    Oh Forgot to mention, that Aidan Lawson did not only upload it here, but he have even taken full credit for the work, which is one of the reason it's pissing me off the most.
  • Ffs...
    2016-06-08 04:29
    Satis and Enzo, the credits look like CD Modelz made it, not seeing anyone else taking credit for this so-so mod.
  • Thomas matthews
    2016-06-08 13:40
    u banned me off ur web site upload this mod and i didt ever do it ENZOSNEXT
  • Enzosnext
    2016-06-08 19:23
    Thomas no one has been banned yet, but it was noted some days ago that your account here did upload it, as that link has now been removed and replaced with this.FFS if you click the credits tab above it says Aidan Lawson which is not Brian
  • @enzosnext
    2016-06-08 20:49
    I got the "CD Modelz" credit from the mod itself. That doesn't appear to have changed or been appended to. And ultimately, that is more important. Just a guess, but when the person who uploaded this here put in the information for the upload. they may have inadvertently put their own name in to signify "uploader", but instead seemingly gave them "credit" for the mod. Though I do applaud you guys for making an effort to help people know who created the mod, the credits were always at hand...
  • Thomas matthews
    2016-06-08 22:17
    enzonext it say my ip address is banned can u unbanned me please
  • Alfred
    2016-06-09 14:27
    Ah yes yet another mod stolen and uploaded on this site. The only ones making sense here are MC and Brian. Indeed the mod is copyright of the creator. The original mod appears very solid. To say it is a so-so mod implies that you have obviously never created a mod. If this is the case then why bother upload it here?Can beat losers to copy and claim the credit for others hard work. Giants have no claim to this mod.
  • Enzosnext
    2016-06-09 17:40
    Well who ever replied to my post, the mod does state on our upload site:Copyright CD Modelz ┬ęDo not alter / share any features of the mod (except for private use) without the consent of CD Modelz.It is strictly forbidden to upload this mod on any other site to share (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). If this occurs appropriate action will be swiftly taken under the copyright act. The 3D model, textures and GE structure are copyright cdmodelz 2016.
  • @enzosnext
    2016-06-09 23:45
    Copyright? Cool. Do you think Broughan Engineering has a copyright/trademark for their name/logo being used? I'm not seeing Broughan Engineering LTD in the credits, therefore Brian stole from Broughan. And how 'bout them Michelin tires? WHERE'S THE CREDIT?? Is Giant's mentioned in the credits? WTF?!? THIEF!!!! Brian needs to learn how to give proper credits when he makes mods.
  • Enzosnext
    2016-06-11 18:40
    I would never accept a lesson about credits from this site personally,But a comment of Thief???? really!!!!!!!!Credits can always be added / amended and downloads links can always be removed by the the modder / uploader.It's all about respect, which has not been shown here.
  • Enzosnext
    2016-06-11 18:41
    This was his first project and a very good start in my opinion. After all the problems that has happened anmd these type of comments,Brian has now decided to never release his work again, due to the harassment received over numerous sites and the constant agro received, well done guys, well done
  • Enzos big mouth
    2016-06-11 19:26
    Hey, didn't you use the same comment "really!!!!!!!" over on ls-uk when talking about someone else's mod that you thought you had rights to? How'd that work out for ya? Right, you copped an attitude (public and private) and were removed. Learn to keep your mouth shut, enzo. You're your teams weakest link, everyone knows this, yet you've got the biggest mouth. Guess every team has the one guy that really can't do much, and you're SOB's guy ;)
  • Brian
    2016-06-13 02:18
    Actually twat Broughan gave me permission to make this mod and actually supplied the decal textures hence the image of the trailer before release on their FB page. And I didn't have to steal the mod from someone else to release it either. Perhaps you need to learn the definition of Copyright before you steal others work and take credit for it.
  • Brian eats bacon bazooka
    2016-06-13 05:24
    really!!!!!!!! Well then, queef eater, why didn't you list Broughan in the credits on the mod? How 'bout Michelin, you skin slinky. What about Giant's, you pork baton? How the fuck do you claim "copyright" when you use everyone elses "copyright", you twat swatter? Take your schmeg pencil "copyright" mod and go suck another rump rocket, you donut punching pillow biter.
  • Newsflash
    2016-06-14 10:50
    Uh, guys, newsflash, once you put anything in GE, it becomes property of Giants Software. Then, once you share it, its fair game for edits and re uploading. There is not a damn thing you can do. The only proper thing to do is give credit where it is due, and that would be to those responsible for making and in gaming the mod.
  • @ fuck me silly
    2016-06-15 03:41
    Actually the copyright for the digital content is covered under DMCA which states the digital copyright is to the creator of the digital content. In this case the V2 mod was technically stolen from the creator and neither was any credit which breaks SS4.2.3 of the code. You have also violated SS4.2.5, 4.3.1 and in theory 4.1.9. I am surprised that they have not sued you for theft and misappropriation of digital content.
  • Dipshit above^^^
    2016-06-15 05:48
    Nice, some random numbers you tried to pass off as official dmca. Try harder, pole smoker. Fact is, there is no copyright on this mod. If the guy who uploaded wants to be nice and include credits, so be it. The uploader is not required to give any credits, and in fact can put whatever name on the mod he wants. The asswipe pretending to quote dmca says a theft happened. Says someone could be sued. For a free mod. How do you sue someone when you can prove no loss? End result? GET FUCKED, DUMBASS.
  • @ dipshit
    2016-06-22 15:19
    You are obviously BLIND AND DUMB to the copyright on the ModCentral site that clearly state the mod is not to be shared.. Do not alter / share any features of the mod (except for private use) without the consent of CD Modelz. It is strictly forbidden to upload this mod on any other site to share (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). If this occurs appropriate action will be swiftly taken under the copyright act. The 3D model, textures and GE structure are copyright cdmodelz 2016.
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