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Brownie v2.2
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Brownie v2.2

Brownies clean all vehicles at midnight .

The mod is now writing the file Heinzelmaennchen_cfg.xml the Game-directory in MyGames.
After run the first time, you can set in this file, how much should be cleaned on which day.

<Monday> 0 </Monday>
<Tuesday> 0 </Tuesday>
<Wednesday> 0 </Wednesday>
<Thursday> 50 </Thursday>
<Friday> 0 </Friday>
<Saturday> 0 </Saturday>
<Sunday> 100 </Sunday>
</ Options>

This means that on Thursday 50% of the vehicles  and on Sunday all vehicles are cleaned by the brownies. The dirtiest vehicles are always cleaned first .
So everyone can set how much brownies he wants.
Who does not like the config file, but is familiar with LUA, can also write directly to the LUA-file. Is at the very beginning, line 8 to 16.
If you change nothing, all vehicles are cleaned on Thursday and Sunday.

Gooru / Olaf72

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