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Bull Hauler KW v1.0
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Bull Hauler KW v1.0

This is a "Bullshit" Hauler made by the "Bullshit" Hauler himself.. It be a fine shit hauler.


  • Bandit
    2016-06-06 10:17 Send message
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    this would be great except it is a shitty re skin with a shitty bumper that doesnt fit, "made by" Mack Harris, which is just a re skin of my kw t800 originally made by rainbow 145
  • Bandit
    2016-06-06 10:19 Send message
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    especially since the black one is actually my truck with Mack Harris' shitty triaxle and box
  • Guest
    2016-06-06 22:02 Send message
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    Well isnt this a pile of shit. Not worth the hard drive space it uses.
  • You_have_daddy_issues
    2016-06-07 00:24 Send message
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    I'm just here for teh comments.
  • Brett
    2016-06-07 00:36 Send message
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    Actually Deez Nutz since you obviously dont have the balls to use your real name, i was going to release, and my version has all this extra stuff AKA triaxle, real lights mirrors and all under 20 mb with no errors, but since you're obviously COMPLETELY incoherent or you have your head shoved so far up your own ass that you cant tell which way's north you dont get to enjoy it
  • Crystal
    2016-06-07 03:49 Send message
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    Keep it private the rest of your life for all we care Joe....
  • Arnold
    2016-06-08 18:03 Send message
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    My new born daughter moans less than the people on this site
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