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Bull Hauler KW v1.0
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Bull Hauler KW v1.0

This is a "Bullshit" Hauler made by the "Bullshit" Hauler himself.. It be a fine shit hauler.


  • Bandit
    2016-06-06 10:17
    this would be great except it is a shitty re skin with a shitty bumper that doesnt fit, "made by" Mack Harris, which is just a re skin of my kw t800 originally made by rainbow 145
  • Bandit
    2016-06-06 10:19
    especially since the black one is actually my truck with Mack Harris' shitty triaxle and box
  • Brett
    2016-06-06 10:23
    Oh and since you all want to be bashing assholes the real version with everything actually working will not be released, good luck enjoying the shit created by Mack Harris AKA Lone Star Customs
  • Guest
    2016-06-06 13:32
    lame ass kids. IT'S JUST A GAME. Here's a thought? You both suck at modding? Keep your shit private, we don't like shit with error's. kthx bai.
  • Jim


    2016-06-06 18:47
    AMERICANS SUCK!!! Game not made for you. Quit posting mods please. You Americans make JUNK!!!
  • Tony
    2016-06-06 19:58
    Jim, I have something you can suck. You punk ass bitch.
  • Deez nutz
    2016-06-06 21:30
    Big Bad Bandit....LMAO you were never gonna release your mod anyways..... SMACK WACK HARRIS DOES NOT APPROVE!!! Jim I fucked your mom sister and your girl...... Euro Trash Fuck!!!!
  • Guest
    2016-06-06 22:02
    Well isnt this a pile of shit. Not worth the hard drive space it uses.
  • You_have_daddy_issues
    2016-06-07 00:24
    I'm just here for teh comments.
  • Brett
    2016-06-07 00:36
    Actually Deez Nutz since you obviously dont have the balls to use your real name, i was going to release, and my version has all this extra stuff AKA triaxle, real lights mirrors and all under 20 mb with no errors, but since you're obviously COMPLETELY incoherent or you have your head shoved so far up your own ass that you cant tell which way's north you dont get to enjoy it
  • Brett
    2016-06-07 00:38
    I actually try to get people nice things to use, but you all need to learn that just because a mod has a error or two if it does, that its still good to use, but you wonder why people just say fuck you i'll make cool shit for myself
  • Bull hauler
    2016-06-07 01:00
    Brett, your just a butt hurt little bitch, you just wanna start BS and drama, your only doing this cause you got banned, and that I had mine complete and error free, go ask Braindead4554 from AEM, he reported to me there were no errors on "MY" T800, so go smoke some more pot, and grow a pair of balls
  • Jim


    2016-06-07 02:13
    See...Me prove right here Americans SUCK!!!
  • Joe


    2016-06-07 03:01
    yall fuckin savages. This is why NAFEM is keeping the db prvt for the next 3 months
  • Crystal
    2016-06-07 03:49
    Keep it private the rest of your life for all we care Joe....
  • Children...
    2016-06-07 06:50
    Judging by Brett's and Joe's super shitty releases, nobody is waiting for them to make more mods. Guys, you suck at modding, nobody likes your shit, stop uploading, stop modding entirely. You guys release nothing but crap. Broken crap at that...
  • Deez nutz
    2016-06-07 18:47
    LOLOLOLOL THE BIG BAD BANDIT HAS SPOKEN.... What the fuck ever dude... Ask your mom and girl how incoherent I am....
  • Wankin this dick
    2016-06-07 18:52
    I bet the Butt Bandit uploaded these just to piss you off Mack.... Boo hoo I was gonna upload my shit and Boo hoo we're gonna keep the DB private and Boo Hoo we're just gonna fuckin cry cry cry.....
  • Arnold
    2016-06-08 18:03
    My new born daughter moans less than the people on this site
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