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Bulldozer K-700A Kirovec v1.0
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Bulldozer K-700A Kirovec v1.0

Mod K-700A Kirovec [1.0] tested the game Farming Simulator 2015 Tractor bulʹdozernym OTVALITE, gait motion proâvlâet dust and leaves traces. Purchase in the shop available to choose Paint. Funkcioniruût Mirrors, doors otkryvaûtsâ. Klavišej linkage operated by the left mouse. Keys M podceplâet additional wheels.
In otval propisal standartnye loads, we have gravel, cement, sand, sunflower and compost.

Author creator: ANUBIS95, Dimon676, Fluffy_tummy, igorela21.
Mod bulldozer for fs 15 created by the author - kto-totutzdes.

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