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Burgdorf v1.0
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Burgdorf v1.0

Here around Burgdorf you can find 8 farms, more than 60 fields. Calves and pigs must be purchased from the breeder. The area is hilly and with a lot of dirt roads to get quickly from place to place.

There are 3 small villages. Two large farms with cattle. 2 small courtyards with pigs, and a few cereal farms. With friends or alone is fun and good mood.

Important Mods:
- AnimationMapTrigger

other mods:
- GülleMistMod
- Kotte Grand of Maruh

- MultiGetreideSilo of Maruh
- Pig, cattle
- Liquid manure
- Cattle Market

Have fun playing
wants your TuneWar

PS. The map has been adequately tested in SP and MP.


  • Jeremy
    2016-07-21 08:12
    The only locations marked on the map are sell points and gas stations.
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