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Buy Bales FIX
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Buy Bales FIX

This mod enables you to purchase bales at the store. (category: mods -> misc)
You can choose either straw or hay bales, they will appear stacked at the vehicle shop, these bales will function as any bale made with a baler.
With this mod the dedicated dairy farmer will no longer need a combine harvester to acquire straw bales for bedding.


  • Baron
    2016-10-12 11:33
    This still is a bogus version, v1.1 is the latest. This was not uploaded by the author. Latest version of this mod can be found here: http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/37985/buy-bales-v1-1
  • Maceous
    2016-10-13 21:58
    Thanks baron
  • Gizzmod
    2016-11-03 04:22
    chears baron
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