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Buy Bales v1.0
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Buy Bales v1.0

This mod enables you to purchase bales at the store. (category: mods -> misc)
You can choose either straw or hay bales, they will appear stacked at the vehicle shop, these bales will function as any bale made with a baler.
With this mod the dedicated dairy farmer will no longer need a combine harvester to acquire straw bales for bedding.


  •  buffalo bill
    2016-09-21 02:06
  • Richieb
    2016-09-21 10:34
    Nice idea the only trouble is it freezes my game so had to remove from my mods folder.
  • Zzzzz
    2016-09-21 21:10
    wonderful idea for a mod, ill give it a try for sure, RICHIEB you may have experienced a mod conflict which causes your game freeze, try removing the last mod you added before this mod & them add this one again & see what happens, I have had only one mod conflict like this in FS15 & that's how I fixed it.
  • Gator
    2016-09-21 21:31
    Superb ideal ! Giants is using something similar in FS17 . This is proof we don't need a bew FS game every 2 years .
  • Richieb
    2016-09-21 21:32
    Hi ZZZZZ, I had a problem before opening the game my X Box wireless controller wouldn't function properly, opened the game and every thing just froze, it's a new map and I always use the same mods, so can't remember the last mod that was downloaded, only by searching all the dates.
  • Name
    2016-09-22 22:14
    Works perfectly as it should no problems great work
  • Richieb
    2016-09-23 21:04
    A big thank you to ZZZZZ, I finally got it all sorted, took a while but got there in the end, next time this old fart will watch what he's doing when loading a map, once again thanks mate.
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