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Cadillac Escalade v1.0
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Cadillac Escalade v1.0

this is my adjustments have the Cadillac Escalade , my focus this modification was to put the native game cameras and redid the entire script . This Cadillac now has a top speed of 200 km / h consumption simulation of a powerful V8 6.2 liters. I do not like doing washable mods because they usually do not get the realistic painting and I like to focus on this part of the chrome settings, paint and engine if my English got confused is because I have very n the field of language.

Alagoas modding

  • Bob


    2016-01-27 02:56
    the original credits belong to winston9587 for this mod
  • Jim


    2016-01-27 04:48
    BOB the Farm Sim police.. BAD BOY BAD BOY whatcha gonna......whatcha gonna do when the mod police come for you!!!
  • Nick jowels
    2016-01-27 05:55
    For some reason I cant buy this in the store. I bought the dlc pack on PlayStation network for mods to be installed on PS4. All other mods work but not this one.
  • Bob


    2016-01-28 09:49
    This Caddy has to be the work of Kingmerc. No one in this game can make a mod so detailed and clean as he makes them. Super job man
  • Kp


    2016-01-30 07:29
    Make it colorable like the old one!
  • Sam


    2016-09-23 02:05
    so good
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