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California Central Valley v1.0 Beta
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California Central Valley v1.0 Beta

When I was in California on holiday, me the great agriculture has there so fascinated and inspired in the Central Valley, so I wanted to re-enact the whole prefer the simulator. But unfortunately are correct detailed USA Maps scarce. Although I have no idea of ??Mapbau absolutely, I have decided to it time to try and recreate a fictional California Map anyway. And in addition I wanted to expand the Agricultural Simulator with a little story.
For reasons of time I had to repeatedly interrupt, but before the map still dusty with me on the PC, I give it to play to the further construction and for improving free. The map certainly has its faults but I did my best.
You have chosen the slightly indebted wage companies' Kinz Custom Chopping inc. "In California to buy. You take the small fleet and bring the operation back into shape in which they masse silage, grass, hay, straw and feed crops on the surrounding fattening farms (feed lot) and dairy farms sell. You can constantly expand their farm with new machinery, fields, farms, crops and manure storage, cattle and pig farm, and the other you can enter also into the milk business and buy a dairy farm up to 8,000 dairy cows and they can also be a feedlot with 10,000 cattle buy.

Currently built fruits:
• Wheat
• Barley
• Grass
• grain maize
• Beet
• Rape
• potatoes
• Clover
• Alfalfa
• Weed Weed
• Green swath
• Sunflowers
• Rye
• Oats
• Cotton
• Silage maize (maize01) spezial cutter


  • Good build
    2015-12-24 20:50
    nice map bud good job on making it
  • Zonda
    2015-12-24 21:24
    not work
  • John
    2015-12-24 22:00
    this map will not load
  • Yaroslaf
    2015-12-24 22:03
    this map works... but its for very powerfull PC. create version for low pc. I have 20 fps. not playable
  • Gamer
    2015-12-24 23:24
    if you have to many mods the map won't load
  • Danjelmc
    2015-12-25 01:21
    Sorry for that, when the map does not work. Mabe colision with other mods or restar your pc . I made and play the map on my Notebook and i works good by 45-60 fps
  • Jason
    2015-12-25 02:27
    it wount open up in in a zipp folder so i can take a look at it plus it dosent show in game ?
  • Danjelmc
    2015-12-25 02:45
    unzip the rar file. and put all files in your mod folder
  • John
    2015-12-25 02:58
    when you unzip rar file the and then open it there is a hole file missing so game can not be load to mod file
  • John
    2015-12-25 03:16
    Really nice map, lot of work in it, but please get rid of all the error's. I have no problems running the map at 60fps, but the error's make the game crash when quiting. Also move the vehicle respawn away from the field and please please move the map icons to where they are suppose to be. Maybe this link will help.http://fs-uk.com/forum/index.php?topic=124358.0Also those error's are mostly texture pic error's simple to fix with paintnetCheers
  • Redneck farmer
    2015-12-25 04:33
    Just note, I am wondering why the dealership in the middle of the field?? The texture of the roads could be somewhat darker and some water ditches are the same color as the edge of main ditch (sand or grass), as I didn't know there was water there until it was to late. There are some road signs just laying on the roads. I know its a Beta map, but it could still use some work to make it great. Good map or at least of what i seen of so far.
  • Sweet250
    2015-12-25 06:51
    I have a brand new system as of May 2015, plus 24 GB's on Memory in my system, and the game would still not load. The only mods in my mod folder was those from the download, so tell me again how it's my system...
  • Sergey
    2015-12-25 09:10
    Dear author of map!Very thanks for your map. really nice map, and I hope you can improve it in future.That I saw in your map:1. Starting vehicle are not in farm (in field).2. Marks of fields also incorrect. They should be in middle of the map. Please also correct this.3.I do not understand this map with soilmod or not. No description of this.4. Defaulted vehicle works with additional crops (cotton and other) or we need special mods for work with these addition
  • Robert
    2015-12-25 11:26
    crops will not get ripen to harvest and when you plane it wont come up and nothing will change collar to yellow pleas fix soon it one map that I like and it is so big and the cows do not walk buut where do you takethecotto n you should have a gin to clean the cotton and a market
  • John
    2015-12-25 13:30
    HAVE A READ PEOPLE, It's an UNFINISHED map, he knows it has error's, he is letting YOU finish what he doesn't have time to do.
  • Chris
    2015-12-25 23:54
    your map willnot load on my pc can you see what that i can do about it
  • Jason fli
    2015-12-26 03:04
    Please put this map in a download link that is not notebook.
  • Rejeant
    2015-12-26 03:23
    nice map but many error vehicule ,wood
  • Toyota
    2015-12-27 10:26
  • Nic


    2015-12-27 22:39
    can anyone fix this map to work right
  • Whit
    2015-12-30 17:32
    Great map! The only issue I have is that I am not able to buy beef cattle for the feedlot. How can I fix this or make beef cattle available to buy?
  • Robert
    2015-12-31 16:49
    California Central Valley v1.1 this a much better map and you can hrvest strate with the autauto comind program you can hie people but you cant dismiss the hire and the water system dos not work and you cant plant cotton you can cut hay and do that haven't did the baling I hop who eve did this map yesterday can go on and fnish well it a stat thanks
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