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California Central Valley v1.1
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California Central Valley v1.1

First thanks for all the feedback, I'm really glad that you like the map. Wanted so much realism to bring into the map, as it was possible for me. Unfortunately, the map has a lot of mistakes. And unfortunately I am as far as creating mods, still very inexperienced. (I'm a mechanic). As I said I've just been working times it happening (learning by doing) and now I am at a point where a professional is needed. That's why I decided to release the Map, in the hope that someone fix the error and the crash  when you leave the game, or maybe I can give an approach that I can try it myself.

I still have a 2 version uploaded, in which I have adapted the yield and Bga have a little improved. In addition, I also add a modpack.
California Map Beta Test
When I was in California on holiday, me the great agriculture has there so fascinated and inspired in the Central Valley, so I wanted to re-enact the whole prefer the simulator. But unfortunately are correct detailed USA Maps scarce. Although I have no idea of ??Mapbau absolutely, I have decided to it time to try and recreate a fictional California Map anyway. And in addition I wanted to expand the Agricultural Simulator with a little story.
For reasons of time I had to repeatedly interrupt, but before the map still dusty with me on the PC, I give it to play to the further construction and for improving free. The map certainly has its faults but I did my best.
You have chosen the slightly indebted wage companies' Kinz Custom Chopping inc. "In California to buy. You take the small fleet and bring the operation back into shape in which they masse silage, grass, hay, straw and feed crops on the surrounding fattening farms (feed lot) and dairy farms sell. You can constantly expand their farm with new machinery, fields, farms, crops and manure storage, cattle and pig farm, and the other you can enter also into the milk business and buy a dairy farm up to 8,000 dairy cows and they can also be a feedlot with 10,000 cattle buy.

Currently built fruits:
• Wheat
• Barley
• Grass
• grain maize
• Beet
• Rape
• potatoes
• Clover
• Alfalfa
• Weed Weed
• Green swath
• Sunflowers
• Rye
• Oats
• Cotton
• Silage maize (maize01) spezial cutter


  • Paul
    2015-12-26 01:00
    Can you put this on mega through ad.fly
  • Cody
    2015-12-26 03:32
    Where can i get the grain trailers and especially the one that looks silver. Plz someone help me out!Thx
  • John
    2015-12-26 03:55
    still say damage link and not load and before u say this low end this pc has 64 ram with 10 terabits hdd and 2 i9 processors I really what to play this game no way you can make it zip files and take all zip files and put in one put them in 1 zip file so u can load In parts
  • Zaur555
    2015-12-26 09:46
    Map is great thanks that gives us the opportunity to play for such a great card, but it is not critical mistakes by further to suggest that we will fix it.
  • Matrix50
    2015-12-26 11:10
    god map but silage bunker is not working
  • Mickael
    2015-12-26 12:34
  • Robert
    2015-12-26 14:06
    this new map will not open up in the game and I have a gammer computer and now the other part of the game it will not open it right when you put a map out you should farm the hole game before you put it on the site to use pleas some one that knows how to fix maps he atmits that he doint know all there is to make a map to work and it way to big make biger filds now I have to take out the hole game there should be a standred before a map will even be put on the sits
  • C


    2015-12-26 16:44
    it opens and runs fine but does not shut down right... it freezes up!
  • Robert
    2015-12-26 18:39
    Ps Pleas fix it so the filds will get ripe other than it will be ok and take all the stand up cows take out and the slige corn out it no good for any thing
  • Robert
    2015-12-26 18:40
    Ps Pleas fix it so the files will get ripe other than it will be ok and take all the stand up cows take out and the slige corn out it no good for any thing
  • Ok farmer
    2015-12-26 19:44
    Can't download in rar file can you make it with a regular download plz.
  • Ollie
    2015-12-26 19:58
    Where could i find the trailer mods you have shown?
  • Skip
    2015-12-26 20:08
    great map managed to fix alot of the texture errors in GE but cant figure out the crashing when closing..if u have trouble opening map file open the rar wit winzip or zipegg and just click extract to your desktop then grab files and put them in mod folder that simple im running fx8350 cpu r9290x gpu 16gb ram and runs excellent
  • Gator
    2015-12-26 20:28
    Nice map ! Also have the crash when closing . Also the AI tractor don't drive strait . They drive in an angle .Don't give up on this map ! Once all the bugs are gone, this could be a awesome map .
  • Nic


    2015-12-26 21:54
    map does not work at all
  • Levi
    2015-12-26 21:56
    could you make it in ZIP
  • Nebraska here
    2015-12-26 22:58
    The files are in zip configuration. The crops do grow but it takes time.
  • Nebraska here
    2015-12-26 22:59
    WinZip works great on .rar files. This is a good map, it will take time to work out the details.
  • Las


    2015-12-26 23:46
    I'm a truck driver I do deliveries in central valley. Haven't played the map yet but based on the pictures it looks like you recreated it accurately. Central valley produces over 50% of all fruits, nuts and vegetables for the whole United States and have one of the largest beef producing farm in the country at Harris ranch. When you drive thru here you are amazed by the huge lands and massive agricultural production.
  • Robert
    2015-12-27 01:12
    how true and the frut trees he did a god job but did not fnish and no cotton gin where do we take it and when you plant things it will not come up and it still not ripen the grain should have a farm house where you land when you come to the game but no mechine to harvest the crops the people seam to think is all the usa has is grain how roung and what is up it will not get redy to harvest
  • Farmallf12
    2015-12-27 01:51
    what is the password for the map file
  • Farmallf12
    2015-12-27 02:16
    when using winzip to open
  • Brock lesnar
    2015-12-27 04:33
    the maker of this map does not need to give out a password the file is locked for a reason!!its morans like you farmallf12 that ruin this game!!
  • Farmallf12
    2015-12-27 04:57
    how do i ruin this game brock lesnar explain to me how
  • Farmallf12
    2015-12-27 04:58
    and you are right he does not have to give out the file password but it would be nice to know because i would like to play on this map too brock you moron
  • Farmallf12
    2015-12-27 05:35
  • Zaur555
    2015-12-27 09:56
    Hello I can not find my cows at the beginning but they have not seen them for some reason?
  • Harold
    2015-12-28 00:23
    I want bigs flat map I can get to build my owen map
  • Harold
    2015-12-28 00:25
    I want build my owen map where do I get the wides flat map I can get where an I get one
  • Drew
    2015-12-28 00:56
    Great looking map but I think it would be better if you took all the extra equipment out. I see no point for it and honestly its annoying
  • Jimmy
    2015-12-28 04:25
    it looks like a good map mate but it dosnt open
  • Robert
    2015-12-28 20:01
    will some one fix this map soon it looks better then what has came out to day I wish gint soft ware would pick it up for next year it just some changes maid the fence by the hog barn and a cotton gin and have a hole set of usa maps
  • Kamil
    2015-12-28 20:38
    jak się wysypuje kukurydze na to co
  • Kamil
    2015-12-28 20:41
    i proszę na odp
  • Gator
    2015-12-28 23:49
    Awsome map ! One of the better maps out there . It opens most of the time for me but crashes when closing . Plays well . Please fix and don't give up on this map !
  • Danjelmc
    2015-12-29 01:14
    i release First Bugfixes Version this week
  • Robert
    2015-12-29 03:53
    Here is another bug combind will not harvest strate thankyou for a up date
  • Miki48
    2015-12-29 09:42
    don't work patch 1.4.1 the editor don't open the map on the log file i have many errors
  • Tom stauffer
    2015-12-29 21:10
    how do you buy other farms
  • Polack01
    2015-12-29 23:53
    très belle carte, les USA à l'état pure ! un petit bug pour les poules les moutons et les vaches laitières au milieu de la carte ! me manque plus qu'à trouver les engins XXL !!! j'attends les améliorations de la map avec impatience !!! et encore merci !!!
  • Tom stauffer
    2015-12-30 00:29
  • Jackfrost
    2015-12-30 03:56
    how to i get this map to work i pasted it into my mods folder tried zipping the file but still dont work pls help thank you
  • Robert
    2015-12-30 04:06
    http://www.ls15mods.com/ here this map site has flat maps no bugs go to this site dondiego map
  • Streamer
    2015-12-30 04:49
    The sad part is this was somebody that was trying to go off someone else's ideas and plans of Central Valley map that was already in the making by some who lives there but they still got it this one wrong . Hopefully we will see the real one but people that are the jerks in the modding community who knows if we ever will.
  • Robert
    2015-12-30 04:50
    http://fs-uk.com/mods/list/team/23 to the map person on this page maybe you can get help here to fnish your map
  • Freehelp
    2015-12-30 06:13
    to edit those "private" fake copyright mods, make sure whole folder is NOT read only. also check other files like dds. one could be the real i3d and will open in GE for editing. people are doing this with there released mods and maps so no one can edit. i say BULLSHIT, edit away people. thats what mods are for.
  • Gator
    2015-12-30 20:09
    I agree about editing mods ! That's what makes this game work ! The game would die in no time if it wasn't for the modding of it . I spent years building, and modding my own aircraft in FSX . I would release them and someone would mod them even further . The whole ideal is to get the community involved in modding of this game !
  • Yankee1566
    2015-12-31 11:07
    I was born and raised in the southern san Joaquin valley and this map is spot on. I wish I could fix the errors but don't give up on it. Fields will not mature for me and I am getting the crash at the end but it saves fine. It seems to be off set some how and nothing seems to track straight. I will be looking for future updates of this great map. Thanks to every one who contributed.
  • Nic


    2015-12-31 22:30
    I will download it again if it gets fixed and works
  • Robert
    2016-01-01 06:19
    take the old one out frist or it will not work
  • Sykoryder
    2016-01-01 07:36
    For some reason, this map just does not load for me. It sits at the loading screen with the 3 images and just does not load any further
  • Nick
    2016-01-02 03:14
    You sir have vision..... fantastic map. Bit laggy but non the less worth a download.
  • Tom stauffer
    2016-01-02 03:28
    how do u get grain out of bins and water from pump
  • Gixxer12
    2016-01-03 02:27
    when i saw the file size i was like Apple's Flushed Face
  • Robert
    2016-01-03 05:07
    well hello got some milk out of the milk tank and yo day cut some silage I think it gets hard band cant get it out and I packed the silage 100 percent and the r would not come up so I have put some silos out by the road got to see how that works and the game will not quit have to shut the pc off
  • Blacky
    2016-02-12 03:54
    junk mods like don't work garbage
  • Blane
    2016-02-16 22:15
    how do I make that big silage mountain/bulk
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